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Rajesh Harekal (Raj) - Vocals:
On vocals, Rajesh lends a unique voice to the band, which is coupled with a versatile vocal range. Trained in Hindustani classical music, Rajesh can break into an ‘alaap’ with panache. But that’s not all. A solid diet of rock helps Rajesh belt out a Bono or a Jim Morrison song with equal ease. Rajesh also likes to write, and many of the bands lyrics were penned by him.

Pronob Ashwin (Pron) - Keys:
Pronob combines elements from western classical piano and other influences such as rock, metal, punk and electronica to engineer sounds that add a new dimension to Antariksh’s songs.
A gadget freak, Pron moonlights as the bands recording/mixing engineer. The bands home studio is his temple!

Satyajit Sahu (Satty) – Guitars:
Drawing heavily from classic rock sounds, Satty adds an attitude to the bands music. Be it soulful lead playing, or vibrant chord harmonization, Satty has chiseled a unique sound that fits well in Antariksh’s original songs.

Amber Sharma (Amber) – Drums:
His contributions to Antariksh originals are numerous. In the band, he contributes much to the rhythm section. Amber’s playing style ranges from the straight up to complex beats. Amber also writes extensively, and some of his words have anchored Antariksh melodies.

Mahesh Kumar (Mak) – Bass:
A solid bass line is one of many things an Antariksh song has to offer. Be it a running bass line, something more sparse, or funky slap chops, Mak’s arsenal is well equipped to provide a solid backing to every Antariksh song.

Ramana Turlapati (Ramana) – Sound Engineer:
Ramana helps the band with its sound engineering needs. Also chipping in with lyrics to songs, Ramana has been helping the band since its inception.

Anuja Bellare - Guest Female Vocals:
A former member of Antariksh, Anuja, who has been crooning for them since the good ol Antara days and has contributed to their first album Ctrl Space, parted ways in 2001. She has since been a sessions/guest vocalist for Antariksh.

Krishnan Ananteswaran - Guest Male Vocals & Bass:

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